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About Us

Have you ever wondered who you were in a Past Life?

Our Story

For more than 40 years we have been exploring the realities and startling possibilities of Past Lives. We have created this website destination to bring as much information to you as possible from around the globe.


As you search for ways to actually view your Past Lives, you'll find a variety of methods and tools from long ago and also from today that really work!

You're in Good Company!

Today, over half the world's population believe in Past Lives and the possibilities of Reincarnation. Let us introduce you to many famous people who believe in Past Lives and learn their stories. Discover who your favorite celebrity was in a Past Life. Did you know them in that life? Discover how a like or dislike of an era in history or a prejudice towards a group of people could be a Past Life clue calling out to you.

You'll discover how talents, tattoos, fears, family patterns and dreams could all be clues to our Past Lives waiting to be recognized and healed right now.  Explore a portal to take you on a journey to see hundreds of famous people who might have been famous or infamous in their Past Lives. 

                Meet Famous People Who Believed in Past Lives!

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 5 Famous People

 who believed in

       Past Lives

           How to Become Your Own Past Lives Detective!


Using the techniques and ideas on our website makes it easy for you to see into your own Past Lives.  You'll be amazed at how the clues are in your life right now waiting to be recognized.

Don't take our word for it. Try some of the tools and techniques for yourself and watch your answers  appear.

Now you can explore Celebrity Past Lives, Pets Past Lives and the amazing stories of children from around the globe who remember their other lifetimes.​ All amazing clues to find out: Have I Lived Before?

Tell Us Your Story!

We want to hear from you! You're invited to tell us about your own Past Lives experiences or read what others say about how knowledge of Past Lives helps resolve today's problems in our Reincarnation Blog.

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