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   How to Uncover True Clues!



    D e t e c t i v e s





                                  LOOK AROUND YOU...THE CLUES ARE IN YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW!


Discover a variety of wonderful guides and experts below.  Each can help you in their own way to unlock your Past Lives.  Get ready for many amazing insights because the info you'll discover may be vital to help you resolve present day challenges.

Tattoos, fears and even family drama can all be clues to a Past Life. Especially if you are noticing things that seem almost illogically repeating in your day-to-day life. These may be clues to a Past Life that are calling for your understanding and healing.

Use the easy do-it-yourself techniques provided below to become your own Past Lives Detective.                                           

                               Learn how to recognize the clues that are in your life right now!

Experience your own Past Lives in an exciting LIVE EVENT near you or try an On-Demand Video. You'll discover how this vital information from your unique past can help you understand many challenges in your life right now!  


Go along with Dr. Weiss as he takes you on a gentle journey of discovery.  Gain greater healing, wisdom and understanding at the deepest levels of who you are today!   One of the best!

If you would like to talk to a Past Lives Guide or Reader by phone, skype or on-line, you'll find a wide variety of wonderful Past Lives Guides at this link.  


Let them help you explore if Past Lives are real for yourself.  Who were you in a Past Life and more importatly...Why?  The clues are all around you right now!


  • Activates your own Past Lives Recall

  • Understand difficult challenges

  • Resolve issues of fear and anger

  • Prove other lives for yourself


  • See the clues all around you right now

  • Find love connections in your Past Lives

  • Improves Health, Finances and Emotions

  • Discover a new exciting view of your world


Discover the Secret of "The Secret"  
This wonderful program delivers everything anyone needs to make "The Secret" and the Law of Attraction work perfectly! Learn the magic of manifestation! You are already using your inner abilities to create everything in your life and you can do so consciously.
Techniques revealed are the steps of how to re-focus all your thoughts and emotions for direct manifestation of more happiness, peace and prosperity. 

Use these easy techniques to help you explore your own unique PAST LIVES.  Amazing clues can be found in your day-to-day experiences and your nightly dreams, if you know where and how to view them. 


By staying aware each day, you can unlock the secrets behind your wonderful, sometimes confusing journey.  Discover how to use all the clues that are all around you right now! Very enlightening!

Everyone who takes the journey of exploring their Past Lives knows you can encounter past pain and broken hearts along with an exciting new view. The practical techniques found in this FREE E-Book help you melt away the old rage, guilt and struggle and turn them into healing power.


Could hidden inner thoughts of punishment and pain be holding you back?  Maybe even left over from a Past Life or different time?  Get FREE E-Book!

If you want to experience an out-of-this-world healing that will open more happiness and joy in you, explore this amazing program.


Search for your "PAST LIFE HEALING KIT" and learn how to tap into your own unique Past Life memories that can miraculously resolve present concerns.  Hang on, because these programs work!

The American mystic and devout Christian, Edgar Cayce, read his Bible daily and wrote extensively that Christ taught about Past Lives.   


Inventor Thomas Edison, American President Woodrow Wilson and others were fascinated by Cayce's startling insights into Christ, reincarnation and the unlimited power of prayer.​

Whether you are looking for insights into a Past Life or seeking answers to your present day challenges, you'll find this secret system based on ancient Hawaiian knowledge of forgiveness a truly breakthrough experience.


Apply actual practical techniques to clear yourself of limiting beliefs. Help yourself turn challenges into opportunities. Attract miracles to you and puts you back in control of your life in a beautiful, grace-filled way!  Move forward with increased abundance, victory and joy using the secrets contained in the Zero Limits program!  Amazing results worth the investment!



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