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5 Famous People who Believe in Past Lives

The fact that the human spirit is on a constant evolutionary trajectory is a belief held not only by Hindus, but by a belief that is held and is being held by people who are not part of this or any other faith. In fact, many famous people no doubt felt confident that they had lived a past life. This is what makes the healing of a past life such a useful tool for researching the psyche of patients. Belief in a particular faith or reincarnation is not a necessity. But those who are still looking for a regression therapist should try, like many others before them, to be open-minded about the possibility that life is truly cyclical and that they can be a link in a chain that began centuries ago. Here are some famous historical persons who believed in reincarnation.

George S. Patton: A serious, typical military leader of America firmly believed in past lives. In fact, historians say that the topic of reincarnation was a favorite theme of the general, who himself was a devoted episcopal. In one case, Patton recalled that he died in battle as a Viking and was escorted to Valhalla. "Just like through glass and darkness, I see an age-old struggle where I fought under different guises, under different names, but always with me." At the end of his life, he said.

Napoleon Bonaparte: This legendary French emperor believed that he lived many times, and often discussed this fact with his generals. Moreover, some people believe that Napoleon was the reincarnation of Charlemagne (also known as Charlemagne or Charles I).

Salvador Dali, a surrealist artist and creator of iconic works such as The Permanence of Memory, claimed that his memories date back to the 16th century. Moreover, he considered himself a monk at the time, who was beaten and imprisoned.

Benjamin Franklin: the founding father of a nation with too many titles to list here, believed that the soul was not extinguished by physical death. He once wrote, "When I do not see anything destroyed (in the works of God) and not a drop of water wasted, I cannot suspect the destruction of souls..."

Goethe: The great German writer and statesman once wrote, "I am sure that I have been here, as it is now, a thousand times before, and I hope to return a thousand times."

Yes, many people - the living and the dead, famous and little-known - have come to the inevitable conclusion that past lives can live and really live in each of us. Past regression therapy helps people with current problems trace these conflicts to lives they may not have suspected.

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