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Famous Reincarnation Stories We Should Know

There are many stories about famous people and their statements about reincarnation. Some of these stories have been documented and have stood the test of time in their authenticity.

Reincarnation of Bridey Murphy

In the early 1950s, the world was taken over by the story of a Housewife from Colorado, Virginia Teague, who regressed under hypnosis and told about her Irish life spent by a woman named Bridey Murphy. During Taiga's regression of dates, names and descriptions were given in the ultimate detail. A book and a film followed.

It was only after the book was published that details of the history of taiga reincarnation were fully explored in Ireland. Researchers were unable to find any of the names or verify the dates of birth, marriage and death, but other details, such as her description of the coastline, her home and church, were ideal. It was amazing because Ty had never been to Ireland. It was believed that she had never had contact with anyone from Ireland until it was discovered that her biological parents, with whom she had lived for the first three years, had Irish ancestors. This latest information shattered any confidence in the memories of her past life with the additional discovery that Bridey Murphy Corkell lived in the area of her childhood.

Many argue that the information obtained by hypnosis is not accurate because of the sogging nature of the subconscious. In today's world, the history of the reincarnation of Bridey Murphy is regarded as a forgotten childhood memory discovered during hypnosis.

Many Lives of Edgar Casey

The most famous American psychic was known as the Sleeping Prophet. Edgar Casey gave more than 1,900 readings from past lives. The seer had a case when a young boy approached him, claiming that he remembers him from a past life when he was on a train to the West. The child continued the story of how Casey led the convoy out of the desert and saved them from starvation. Once read for himself, Casey said he was an Egyptian priest Ra-Ta. He went on to describe how, as Ra-Ta, he helped Toth design the Great Pyramid and the Recording Hall.

In his various readings, Casey talked about other lives for himself and for people who wrote or came to him for help. In many cases, the current situation or disease that a person has experienced has been directly related to another injury or disease throughout life.

Ian Stevenson's Investigations on Children's Reincarnation Stories

One of the most famous stories about reincarnation, which has been documented, comes from the leader in this field, the late Dr. Ian Stevenson. The case was centered around a young girl who began to talk about her past life in a nearby village. Her parents didn't pay much attention to her until she started naming the 25 people she knew during that lifetime. When Dr. Stevenson and his team of researchers learned of the case, he was happy to discover that he was not infected with self-examination, as he often found when investigating reincarnation stories. Dr. Stevenson has documented more than 3,000 cases of spontaneous memories of children from past lives. He wrote a book about the most provocative cases, titled "Twenty Cases of Reincarnation."

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