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Children Who Report Memories of Previous Lives

Some young children, usually between the ages of 2 and 5, recount memories from a past life they claim to have lived. At the same time, they often exhibit behaviours such as phobias or preferences that are unusual in the context of their particular family and cannot be explained by any current life events. These memories coincide with the child's claims about a past life...

In many cases of this type, the child's testimony is exactly the same as the facts of the life and death of the deceased person. Some children have birthmarks and birth defects that correspond to wounds or other marks on the deceased person whose life the child remembers. In many cases, these matches were confirmed by pathological studies. Older children may have these obvious memories, but they usually disappear by about the age of seven. Young actors in these cases have been found all over the world, including Europe and North America.

For the past 20 years, Dr. Jim Tucker, now Director of the Department of Perceptive Research, has focused mainly on cases found in the United States. His book, "Back to Life," tells the story of very strong American cases when young children remember their past lives. In this book, Dr. Tucker writes about the now well-known cases of James Leininger, a little boy who had proven memories from his previous life that he was a World War II pilot, and Ryan Hammons, who had proven memories of being a Hollywood extra and a talent. Agent.

Statements made by a child who seems to remember a past life can be very different. The following list of possible allegations is by no means exhaustive. It is designed to give an idea of things that parents or guardians can hear, and in our Western culture it is generally considered a fantasy.

It is also true that a child can say one or more of these things without remembering past life. Perhaps it is better not to pump the child information and not to try to prevent him or her from saying such subtle words.

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