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How to look into your past lives?

The attitude of different religions to the phenomenon of past lives and reincarnation goes back to ancient times. It is believed that the reincarnation of the soul can be defined as the essence of human existence. The soul follows a cycle of many lives and bodies. Reincarnation is not a common element of many ancient religions and does not refer to concepts that have existed since time immemorial. If it could be found in ancient drawings on the walls of caves or in the beliefs of the Egyptians and Greeks, reincarnation would always be the concept in which it was most believed.

This theory states that a person is born again as another person after his death. The Spirit returns to the material world after physical death only to return or be reborn into a new body. It is believed that the classical form of reincarnation theory was formulated in India around the 19th century BC, when the Brahmin scriptures were written. This instigated faith in this theory and spread it to other Eastern religions that originated in India, such as Buddhism and Jainism. It is believed that thanks to the spread of Buddhism, this theory was later adapted to Chinese Taoism.

Hinduism is considered an ardent supporter of the concept of past lives.

They believe that every living being is nothing but an eternally existing, immortal spirit or so-called soul that, at the time of the physical body's death, passes into another body in accordance with the laws of karma or reincarnation. It is believed that all the suffering that a person goes through in the current life is the result of his actions in the previous life. In other words, he pays for the karma he has accumulated in his past lives. Hindus say the ultimate goal is to deliver or moksha, that is, to escape from the never-ending cycle of birth, death and rebirth.

The concept of a permanent and changing soul is not true for Buddhism.

Proponents of this religion believe in the process of rebirth and reincarnation. Nirvana presumably means salvation in Buddhism, as does Moksha in Hinduism. Tibetan Buddhists, however, believe that a new born child can be the reincarnation of some dead people. It is believed that the souls of important llamas will later pass into a child born nine months after their death.

The fact that the human body is nothing more than a container for the soul that leaves it and finds another body for another life with a whole new personality is preached by Jainism. And here the affairs of the previous life determine what new life the soul will enter. A life full of bad deeds will pay off with the next lives filled with suffering. Jainism maintains the belief that we have all gone through different forms and will go through many others in future lives.

Classical Greek philosophy, Jewish faith, ancient - Australian Aborigines, some early tribes of Africa are considered supporters of the theory of past lives. Not so long ago, esoteric cultures of science and biology put forward their own versions of the theory of past lives. It is believed that with its help, people can free themselves from bad fluids implanted in previous lives. They say it's a doctrine about spirit, about one's self, about the universe and other life.

Almost all major modern sects of Christianity, including Catholics, Protestants and the Orthodox Church, deny the concept of past lives and reincarnation. However, the early church clearly accepted such faith. Even today, the liberal Catholic Church and the Rosicrucian society support such views. Another monotheistic religion, Islam, is hostile to the concept of rebirth. The main direction of Islam usually takes an aggressive stance against the theory of past lives and reincarnation. Although several groups of Sufism followers support and believe in this concept.

Thus, the theory of past lives is almost central to religions. Believers tend to believe in this theory. With each of our births on Earth, our past lives are masked. In other words, the memory of them is erased. However, cynics and agnostics do not recognize this theory. There is also a modern version, completely different from what eastern religions believe. New Era thinkers consider the reincarnation of the eternal movement of the soul to higher levels of spiritual existence.

Signs in childhood and cases of amazing awareness of some people about certain places in which they have never been, can be easily explained by the theory of past lives. The concept of past lives and reincarnation gives an understanding of many personal and social issues, without obliging anyone to become a dogma in this regard. A little more interest in these concepts may prompt the memory of our hearts to speak, which will lead to the revelations in you. That is, if you want, you can look into past lives. Some people resort to hypnosis, with which they go back to past lives. I know people like that. And they succeeded. I'll admit, I've tried it, too. But I couldn't do it. Then the hypologist went through me into my past lives, and told me everything. But can I believe that?

Metaphysical aspects of past life

The theory of reincarnation and past lives was denied by scientists because of its metaphysical overtones. However, many of the theories of this theory have been scientifically reasoned and documented, and many proponents of the theory continue to make efforts to ensure that science recognizes this phenomenon. As a result, modern science has not been as sharply critical of this concept as it does with many other metaphysical theories. Reincarnation can serve the metaphysical purpose of calculating the existence of souls.

The popular meaning of the term "metaphysics" is completely different from its philosophical meaning. It is popular metaphysics that deals with topics such as past life, spirit and reincarnation.

Aristotle, the founder of metaphysics, often denied the possibility of reincarnation and past lives. However, in his work "The Origin of Animals" he lays out the theory that a reasonable soul is sent through sperm. Sperm, of course, represents the material aspect of life. The modern world thinks about it more comprehensively, saying, for example, that a child is similar to his parents because of DNA.

Plato's theory of reincarnation is closely related to the theory of sexual unity. His theory is set out in "Republic", where strong arguments about sexual unity are presented. This metaphysical theory of reincarnation considers the soul an independent asexual entity. The theory is perfectly consistent with the thesis of sexual unity that man and woman are basically the same. Visible differences are just external aspects of their material existence.

The religion of Buddhism always attaches great importance to metaphysical issues.

Buddha's views on metaphysical issues, including life, eternity, reincarnation and soul, are clearly outlined in one of his conversations with a Buddhist monk named Malunkiaputta. Buddha answered the monk's questions by saying that his situation is similar to that of a man who was shot with a poisonous arrow, and he refuses to pull the arrow until he knows who shot him, why he fired and what the arrow was made of. It was obvious that this information would not save a person from death and will not reduce his pain. The conclusion made by Buddha is that the answers to the research questions will not one step forward the person to nirvana.

The Muslim philosophy of Illuminatiism (cognition) does not use reincarnation for cognitive purposes. Nevertheless, the spiritual aspect of reincarnation is very interesting to illuminatiists. According to their philosophy, reincarnation and past lives can be considered a consequence of more fundamental metaphysical provisions. Therefore, they are not a tool that solves metaphysical problems or gives explanations.

Do you believe in past lives? If so, you will definitely be interested in the true story of the ghost of a woman who scares hotel guests for 100 years.

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